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Trading and Investing in Capital and Stock Markets

Getting Intellectual Property Right (IPR) for Exchange Markets Trading (EMT) (STOCK MARKETS).

(Terse Explainations)

(☆ – New Updates)

Based on Importance: ((1,/(1,2)) ratios

(Stock, / trade, demand)   

Trading is’ done in all conditions (levels) of market with, best returns (Profit’).


((Broad Market Stocks, Mid-Cap Stocks) / Index Stocks) …  (☆)

Financial Markets (World):

(As per W D Gann Analysis)    ☆

Stock Markets, – Commodity Markets – Currency Markets, best to work for 24/5 or 24/7 :

And best working (Trading) ratio …

((Stock /Currency Markets), Commodity Markets)

sub ratio Stock – (Stock/ Currency Markets) ,  …

Elliott Waves:

Trading can be done based on,

For  (1,3,/5) … directional Waves

Working Ratio : (2(1,2),/1) …       (☆)


Expansions in consolidations give perfect condition of market, with Elliott Wave (waves) Theory, and Trend Lines, market can be buy-able or sell-able based on ‘demand’ (market).


Nifty -50, Consolidations



Money Management

(Returns, considering of Risk) …

Returns: (% of winnings, Exposure value ) …



Best services offered for all instruments, with better returns

                             To be Continued …

Infinity Deciferred, Please Visit Interests (Inventions) Page for details.


(a) Accurate Stocks/Equities, …, Markets’ Analysis, Status, Tips/Levels, 

(b) Portfolio Management (with Streamlining/Planning for loss making Investments)

(c) Asset Management 


Contact …     pexels-photo-1416530.jpeg (Check Contact Menu)

Rajesh Kenche (Rajesh K C)

Ph: 091-9849186248, 091-9618882400,,

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  • Returns are subject to markets’ risks, under unfavourable conditions such as war, Civil Commotion, strikes, storms, floods, fire, terrorist attacks and any other circumstances beyond our reasonable control and Investments may be delayed till normal conditions are prevailed.



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